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A Brief History- ASt. Winifred's Anglican Church was built in 1934-35 in Pointe-de-Chêne, New Brunswick. Previous to this building, the parishioners used an old hall in the area. St. Winifred's was consecrated on May 1st, 1960. This was done late and only because of a letter written by Rev. Hyde to Bishop O'Neil.

It served as a year round church and a sunday school for many years, but due to increased mobility and declining attendance, St.Winifred's is now used as a summer chapel open from June until September. Renovations including a washroom, were done in recent years. A portrait of St. Winifred was commissioned in 2009 and hangs in the church. In 2011 a Celtic cross honouring St. Winifred's Welsh ancestry was erected on the steeple.

Services - St. Winifred's has services during the summer months. See "home" page for service schedule. 

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