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If you have any questions or would like to get involved in the community garden, contact the church office:


The Shediac Cape Community Garden is located on the land in front of the Church Rectory at 3393 Route 134. The garden provides plots for anybody in the community who would like to get involved in gardening and planting their own vegetables and herbs! The community garden also donates a good bulk of their vegetables to the Vestiaire St. Joseph in Shediac.

     Our Mission :

1.  To provide a location for local residents, on a rental basis, to have a vegetable garden when they might not otherwise be able to grow fresh vegetables

2.  To educate and encourage students attending the St. Martin’s Daycare in the art and science of vegetable planting, growth and harvesting

3.   To earmark half of the prepared area for the production of vegetables to be donated to the Vestaire St. Joseph  food bank.

4.  Educate students and adults how to prepare and preserve food, especially the food grown in the Community Garden.

5.  Create an environment in which people can relax and enjoy nature.

6.  Create a sense of community around this project.

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