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Drama has played a big role in our parish for many years. It is often used in special events for the children, especially during our Summer Vacation Bible School. Acting out a story or incoporatoing small skits into the lessons is a great way to get a message across and teach the children while having fun and keeping their attention! During the Christmas season, it used to be very common for the Sunday School children to put on a nativity play for the congregation. Now, however, since the renovation of the Young Smith Hall, drama productions have taken a big step, for the past few years the parish has been putting on a Christmas Themed Dinner Theatre in late November.

 Parishioner Capt. Hugh Bateman has been the acting director and gets a new script each year and organizes the production. The cast is made up of anyone who is interested in participating, young and old. Our music director as well as the church choir are also involved in incorporating wonderful music to go along with the production!  The Dinner Theatre brings in professional catereres each year to prepare the meal as well as dessert for the production, the food served is always prepared in a way that goes along with the theme and era of the play. The Dinner Theatre has proved to be very successful and will usually sell out both nights . The production is great fun for all who are involved and is certainly something we look forward to each year!

Photos of previous Dinner Theatres
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