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St. Martin's Day Care is located at the back of the Young Smith Hall underneath the Church Office. The Day Care is one of many new additions that was added to the building during it's renovation in 2011/2012.The after school Kids' Klub program has been in operation since September of 2006 and was relocated from the basement of the church to this new facility in January of 2012.  The Day Care and After School Kids Klub  is open all year and provides care for children between the ages of 2 and 12 in a family style, inclusive environment.


We are licensed through the Department of Education

and Early Childhood Development. We have annual

inspections as well as surprise spot checks through the

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. During these visits the coordinator will make sure files are up to date, as well as a general inspection of the environment. We also have annual inspections from the Department of Health and the Fire Marshall, as well as surprise spot checks. All staff must have a Medical Report, First Aid/CPR Certificate, Criminal Record Check and Department of Social Development Check. We must also submit a menu plan, have the water tested four times a year and provide proof of insurance.

Choosing a child care centre that meets the unique needs of your child and your family is a tremendous responsibility. It is important that you agree with the philosophies and policies as defined in our Centre Parent Handbook, as these are the principles on which the program and interactions with your child and family will be based. It is also very important that you are comfortable with the environment and Educators who will be responsible for your child's well-being, security, and early childhood learning during his/her attendance at the centre.

We have 4 full-time staff:   Kim Connor, Michele Lavoie, Janet Hickey and Laura (Connors) LeBlanc


The Day Care and  After School Kids' Klub is overall directed by the Corporation of the Anglican Parish of Shediac. This program is faith-based. Our aim is to provide the children with information about the Christian faith as well as encouragement to adopt morals and values as a part of their everyday life.


We see children as unique individuals who have unique needs. We will provide a variety of activities that meet their interests while helping them learn and grow into well rounded individuals. Love, respect, encouragement and a sense of belonging are important to a child's overall development. We will providea safe and welcoming environment so that your child will have coonfidence and build self-esteem while exploring, expressing, discovering and learning in our centre. Positive guidance is our strategy for helping the children make good decisions as opposed to not so good ones. We believe in giving the children an opportunity to think about their behaviour and then to be able to talk to a staff member In using positive guidance, the children are involved in their own dicipline. We also have implemented a system of friendly and unfriendly behaviours instead of a list of rules.

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